High School Sports Massage Program *(See Policies & Procedures Below)

Sports Massage

Out of her love for working with both amateur and semi-pro athletes, and weekend warriors over her thirteen years as a massage therapist, Kim Fernandes has designed a special massage program for local Cape Cod High School Sports Teams:

  1. To provide an affordable way for local young athletes to restore & maintain their physical well-being in a non-invasive effective way
  2. All massage packages may be purchased & used by multiple team players and have no expiration date

3. To both encourage and educate young athletes on the importance of maintaining a health muscular system. In addition, to the effectiveness & multiple benefits of massage therapy in sports; and on how regular massage treatments can enhance and improve athletic performance, decrease the potential of sports injuries, accelerate the body’s recovery process from competition & training, and prolonging the athlete’s athletic career. Kim’s office is conveniently located in Hyannis, Ma.

Schedule your appointment Now! (Under 18 years of age must be paid by parent & parent must be present at first massage appointment.)

Athletic Benefits of Incorporating Sports Massage into Your Training Program

1 .It optimizes positive performance factors:                                                                                   Massage

  • Healthy muscles & connective tissues
  • Normal Range of motion and flexibility
  • Fluid pain free movement
  1. It minimizes negative performance factors:                     shutterstock_58758751
  • Dysfunctional muscles & connective tissues
  • Restricted range of motion and flexibility
  • Muscular pain & dysfunction
  1. It decreases injury potential:                                             A massage therapist may detect problematic tissues or injuries at the chronic & subclinical level-addressing the problem(s) before they progress to the clinical stage
  1.  It supports soft tissue healing:
  • Increases circulation bringing nutrients to the injury site removing cellular debris


 High School Standard Massage Rates:                                                                          

 30 minutes- $35 (regularly $45)

60 minutes- $70 (regularly $85)

 High School Massage Package Rates:

 (5) 30 minute massages- $150 (just $30.00 each)

 (10) 30 minute massages- $300 (just $30 each)

  (5) 60 minute massages- $ 300 (just $60 each)

Purchase Your Massage Package & Schedule Your Appointment Today! Start reaping  the many benefits of therapeutic Sports Massage  (Under 18 years of age must be paid by parent & parent must be present at first massage appointment.)

Policies and Procedures:

  • A parent or legal guardian must accompany children under 18 years of age to the first appointment & fill out sign a consent to treat form
  • Please, arrive 10 minutes early for your first initial appointment in order to complete necessary paper work
  • Payment is expected at time services are rendered & massage packages must be paid in full at time of purchase
  • Remember, that all appointments begin and end on time
  • Allow at least 24 hours for all cancellations
  • If multiple team members will be sharing  a massage package, the names of all team members must be given to Kim in writing at the time of purchase

I look forward to providing you with quality results based massage treatment plans!

Schedule Your Appointment Now!  (Under 18 years of age must be paid by parent & parent must be present at first massage appointment.)