Step 1: Do you have any medical conditions that may be a Contraindication to Massage or require a Doctor’s pre-approval  see What is a Contraindication? and When Shouldn’t I get a Massage? 


Step 2: Schedule your massage appointment online 24 hours a day or by calling 508-694-6598. (Note: if you do not find the time you desired online please, call the receptionist at 508-694-6598. The first two weeks of the month are scheduled by the receptionist & appointments in the later month & month(s) are bookable online.)


Step 3:  Complete Client Forms    It is recommended, that you print out & complete the client forms that pertain to you on the Client Forms Page. This will save time at your first appointment and allow your massage therapist to proceed more promptly to your massage treatment.


Step 4: Now what your goal for your massage treatment is Do you want or need pain relief? Do you want to be more flexible? Do you want to decrease muscle tension throughout your body or in a specific region of your? Do you want stress relief?


Step 5: Review Frequently Asked Questions


Step 6: Prepare any Questions that you may have for the massage therapist


Step 7: Do not eat 1-1.5 hrs. before your massage digestion slows


Step 8: Arrive to your massage appointment 10-15 minutes early