backpainIs your muscular pain, stiffness, and tension getting in the way of your active lifestyle? Your hobbies? Your competition & training? Your work? Or your social life?

Did you know that receiving a therapeutic deep tissue massage can help to alleviate your muscular dysfunction(s) by:

  1. Breaking down fibrotic and restricted connective tissues of the affected areas of your body that are causing your movement restrictions & postural deviations. This means your movement will be more fluid & unrestricted.
  2. Warming up the muscles & connective tissues with select therapeutic deep tissue techniques which makes both the affected muscles & connective tissues more pliable allowing them to lengthen and stretch. This means you will finally feel relief!
  3. Increasing the blood flow & circulation throughout your body but, most importantly, to the area(s) of your body where you are experiencing decreased movement, pain, stiffness, tension, or an injury.
  4. Eliminating your physical and mental stresses – which are common causes of holding patterns & tension in the body. A therapeutic massage helps to calm the nervous system. You’ll feel rejuvenated and relaxed!

So, are you ready for relief and results?

Then sign up today for your $30 (45 minute) consultation & massage treatment with Kim Fernandes (an $85 value!)

Kim is a Professional & Board Certified Therapeutic Massage Therapist with thirteen years in the therapeutic massage Industry.

“She’ll get you back on track to the active lifestyle you’re accustomed to!”

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