Couple-RunningHave you been side lined by life?

Are you unable to participate in the activities and hobbies that you enjoy and value most because you are struggling with…

* A new or old injury?
* Muscular pain, stiffness, or tension?
* Limited or lost flexibility & range of motion?
* Physically and mentally drained and stressed out?

Do you want your active lifestyle back? Are you looking for a competent and professional therapeutic & sports massage therapist that will provide you with results based therapeutic massage treatment plans that you need and want?

Meet Kim Fernandes. Kim is a professional licensed & Board Certified Therapeutic Massage Therapist with fourteen years of experience in the therapeutic massage industry. Some of her clients include weekend warriors, semi pro & professional athletes, celebrities, individuals that are recovering from auto & orthopedic injuries and surgery, those working in physically demanding occupations, office and desk workers, computer techs, and the mentally drained over-stressed business executives.


Tools of the Trade:

Kim designs and tailors her treatment plans to needs of each individual client’s needs. She combines several therapeutic techniques such as deep tissue, trigger point therapy, myofascial release, facilitated stretching, and general stretching into her treatment plans. These modalities assist in the lengthening & stretching of your tight, tense, overworked and restricted musculature and connective tissues. The Proper utilization of these therapeutic techniques, will aid in re-sculpting, and relaxing the muscles, tissues, and the body; and restore optimal balance and proper function to the affected muscles and surrounding tissues.  Schedule your appointment online Now!

A Natural Remedy for You:

The focus of therapeutic deep tissue massage is to work on the deeper layers of muscles and connective tissues in the body to:

* Break down fibrotic tissues & lengthen shortened and restricted muscles & connective tissues (the cause of your movement restrictions & some postural deviations)
* Eliminate trigger points (that may be caused by your overexertion in physical activity, poor posture, or from an new or old injury)
* Alleviate muscular pain stiffness & tension (that keeps you from doing the things you enjoy the most)
* Accelerate the healing process from overexertion, recovery from exercise, sporting event, orthopedic or general injuries (so that you can enjoy a long peaceful healthy life, and be more effective and productive in your personal & work life and return to the active lifestyle that you are accustomed to)
* Restore your flexibility and range of motion (to prevent injuries, improve your agility & physical performance)

The Hall of Fame:

Kim has been successful in treating the following muscular and connective tissue dysfunctions:
* Frozen shoulder
* Chronic muscular pain stiffness & tension
* Decreased flexibility & Range of motion
* Postural deviations
* Pain and movement restrictions from chronic & new injuries & knee replacement surgery
* Golfers and Tennis Elbow
* General & migraine Headaches
* Plantar Fasciitis
* Physical and mental stress and burn out

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Who will benefit from making an appointment with Kim?

1. The individuals that are both ready to and want to get to the root of their present muscular and connective tissues dysfunction(s) and want to get both relief and results now; and are ready and dedicated to schedule the necessary appointment(s) to get relief from their present conditions!
2. The individuals that are health conscious and desire to maintain their balanced, flexible, and healthy muscular system.
3. The individuals that value their active lifestyle and want to remain active, flexible, and mobile.
4. The individuals that are struggling with a new or recurrent chronic injuries, rehabilitating from orthopedic surgery, those that have been in an auto accident, individuals with neck and back pain, or those with any type of muscular pain, stiffness & tightness, and tension.
5. Others: Golfers, runners, cyclists, rowers, swimmers, kayakers, paddle boarders, hikers, tennis players, triathletes, dancers, ice skaters, baseball players, and YOU!

Satisfaction is Guaranteed or It’s Free:

To take your fear and the risk out of scheduling your first appointment with Kim, she provides you with a guarantee on all of her services. If you genuinely are not satisfied with your experience and the massage treatment that you receive from Kim it really is free.

So, now, what’s your excuse for not picking up the phone and scheduling that much needed and wanted massage appointment with Kim? 

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Call her TODAY – You’ll be glad you did! 508-694-6598